NTU Commends Senate Republicans for Permanently Ending Earmarks

by Thomas Aiello May 24, 2019

Issue Brief 

Budget for Disasters to Prevent a Budget Disaster

by Demian Brady May 23, 2019

Vote Alert 

NTU Urges Representatives to Support the SECURE Act of 2019

by Thomas Aiello May 23, 2019


Illinois Lawmakers Should Abandon Plans to Hike Taxes on Vapor Products

by Thomas Aiello May 22, 2019

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NTU's Mattie Duppler Discussing the Economy on Yahoo Finance

by Mattie Duppler May 21, 2019


Congress and the New CBO Director Have an Opportunity to Expand on Dr. Hall's Transparency Reforms

by Demian Brady May 16, 2019


Tax Increases for Property Tax Reform is a Bad Deal for Nebraska Taxpayers

by Thomas Aiello May 16, 2019

Policy Paper 

Post-Wayfair Sales Tax Reform in Louisiana

May 16, 2019

Vote Alert 

NTU Urges Representatives Vote "No" on Flawed Health Care Bill

by Thomas Aiello May 16, 2019

Issue Brief 

California’s “Doing Business” Tax Should Face High Court Scrutiny

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford May 15, 2019


Postal Service's "Essentially Unchanged" Cash Flow No Comfort to Taxpayers

by Pete Sepp May 10, 2019

Issue Brief 

The RSC Budget Blueprint Would Reverse Decades of Overspending

by Demian Brady May 10, 2019

Vote Alert 

Vote Alert: Amendments to House Supplemental Appropriations Act

by Thomas Aiello May 10, 2019

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