NTU Submits Testimony to End Duplicative Telecomm Taxation in Texas

by Thomas Aiello March 19, 2019


NTU Joins Coalition Supporting Congressional Authority on Trade

by Nan Swift March 18, 2019

Issue Brief 

Treasury Can Keep GILTI from Harming Innocent Taxpayers

by Pete Sepp March 15, 2019


New Mexico on the Verge of Enacting Large Tax Increase

by Thomas Aiello March 12, 2019

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Issue Brief 

Don't Use USMCA As A Trojan Horse For Tax Increases

by Bryan Riley March 12, 2019


One Good Gimmick Deserves Another

by Nan Swift March 11, 2019


Democrats are Blocking Bipartisan Agreement on Tax Code Fixes

by Parker Gardner March 08, 2019


NTU Opposes Utah Vapor and E-Cigarette Tax Legislation

by Thomas Aiello March 08, 2019


Senator Lankford Scores Again with Another Edition of Federal Fumbles

by Parker Gardner March 08, 2019


Open Letter to Congress: Pentagon Doesn’t Need a Budget Boost

by Nan Swift March 08, 2019

Issue Brief 

Congress and Administration Should Look Into Extending Tax Filing Deadline

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford March 07, 2019

Vote Alert 

Vote Alert: Amendments to Election Overhaul Legislation

by Thomas Aiello March 07, 2019


France Gears Up For “Digital Tax” That Will Harm Their Own Taxpayers

by Pete Sepp March 06, 2019

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